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so i finally got around to making this glorious fanclub look half decent. i made an icon (that hopefully will appear with this entry, but i doubt it will) but it sucks ass because i suck ass and i didn't know what to make it say.

any comments or suggestions would be appreciated. i tried to make it look more like drew's journal, style wise. the green on the disjointed. yeah. i'm cool.
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wooohoo! I want to join the fan CLUB!
DO I have to do anything to enter or just love you!
not my club
Is there a lot of sex involved here?
Does the Drew Fan Club include a lot of sex with the man himself?
not for me it doesn't.
don't mind him, he's just very deprived
Bout damn time, slackass.

Aww, don't worry I love you.
Bout damn time, slackass.

Aww, don't worry I love you. I love the layout. I lvoe the pictures in the back.
i'm hardly concerned with whether or not you love me. all that matters is that drew does. and i don't care if you love it. drew does. he told me so himself.

<3 drew <3
I want to have sex with him.
awww grosss. so much drew. ew.
i can't believe you said that. you shouldn't be here. drew is hot. the end.
i should not be here you are so right. i will start the new i hate drew fan club. hot????? vomit.
that's not a fan club, that's an anti-drew alliance.


14 years ago